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Kid Flaunts (by children ages 5-12) and Teen Flaunts (by teenagers ages 13-18) feature essays from children and young adults inspired by DHFI’s theme, “The things that make me different make me, me.” DHIFI is always accepting new submissions – if you’d like to share your story, click here to learn more about how to write and submit a flaunt for publishing on our website. Parental permission required for writers under the age of 18.


What Makes Me, Me, By Henry Veloso, 5th Grade

Asperger’s Syndrome!   What on earth is Asperger?  It sounds like a vegetable!  It’s caused by a problem in the brain.  It makes people think and act differently from others.  In 1944, a German doctor named Hans Asperger discovered that some children behaved differently from the majority.  He named it after himself (Credit hog!)  People with […]