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The things that make me different make me, me” written by flaunters about themselves or family members

Along for the Ride, by Matthew

Our situation starts as most family holidays do… For some months we had meticulously planned how we would spend our time at Disneyland Paris for what would be this years ‘big holiday’. We’d been once before, the difference this time being that we were now a family of four, and that Isabella, our eldest child, […]

Friends, By Paul Hamm

Friends. They say you can’t have too many friends. Of all the things “they” say, this may be the statement I believe in the most. Being the father of a special needs son, I’ve learned a lot about friendship. My son is affected by a rare syndrome known as Ectodermal Dysplasias. Each year my wife […]

Reflections, by Jessica DePinto

Of all the posts I’ve read on Meg’s blog, “Pay It Forward” gave me the greatest pause.  I’ve known Meg since our undergrad days at UW Madison – halcyon days when we believed the future and our dreams to be limitless.  In “Pay It Forward,” Meg’s encounter with the conductor who offered her a “disabled” […]