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Flaunt It I Shall! By Beth Lax

I am doing my best to help my kids develop good body images for themselves.  I also try to lead by example.  I don’t diet.  Instead, we eat healthfully.  They see me work out regularly.  Last year, they watched me train for and then complete my first triathlon.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t deprive […]

Acceptance, by Loreli Stochaj

I had been teaching first grade for a number of years and a former parent was doing a remarkable thing. Her family was taking in a child from the Dominican Republic who needed surgery on her leg. The child’s leg had not formed correctly and probably needed to be amputated. The parent wanted the child […]

Hello from London! By Susannah Scaroni

What an amazing couple weeks of firsts this has been. First US paralympic team, first time feeling the roar of an F-15 air force jet, first time putting espresso shots IN my coffee (yes, an espresso machine was tucked safely inside Aaron’s race chair–who would travel without one?), first time in London, first croissant (and second, and third…). It is […]

Bold and Beautiful, by Vidya Anandam                                     

I am from India.  In my mother tongue, there is a proverb “Are all the digits in our hand identical?” I think there cannot be a better expression for celebrating differences. We know everyone of us are different in some way or other. Some are  explicit differences while some others are invisible- It may be a learning difficulty, […]

A Star Is Born, by Julie Ross

Eight months ago, my 9-year-old son tearfully shared with me that “his whole life, he had wanted to be a girl”. Pressed by the therapist (who, thank G-d, was in the room with us) to clarify whether he wants to be a girl or is a girl, George immediately replied that he is a girl. And so began a […]

Mom Genes, by Jane H.

Mom Genes.  No, not the high-waisted, dorky, denim kind.  The kind that live on chromosomes and with a roll of the dice determine the characteristics we inherit from those who came before us.  As a child I wondered, will I develop my father’s superior athletic ability or my mother’s musical flair?  As a young girl […]

My College Flaunt, by Rachel Cohen

“Oh my gosh, she should not be wearing that shirt.” With disdain, remarks like this are whispered everyday on my college campus, numerous times a day, by many different people—particularly girls. To some credit, “Wow, that dress makes her look so skinny!” is probably spoken a similar number of times around campus. But these comments are not […]