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Ode to Paul By Tony Sinanis

Paul was born on a cold December night in 2004 and from the moment he was born, my heart was flooded with emotions that I never experienced before. I immediately understood what people meant when they said they would give their life for someone else. I immediately understood the phrase unconditional love. I immediately understood […]

Achieving Big Dreams By Kendra Gottsleben

On November 3, 1984, I was born strong and healthy without any signs of impending health complications.  Similar to other new parents, my parents were excited for my life full of limitless possibilities.  However, unexpectedly a few months later, they would begin endless doctors’ appointments that still continue today. At the age of four, I […]

Celebrating Difference By Tammy Palmer

My amazing husband and I have been blessed with three children from China that were “Born in our hearts,” as we like to say. This in itself presents a “visible difference” and a public challenge at times.  You might be surprised at the comment/questions we get as a family. I am an advocate for adoption, […]

No Limits By Pam Kelly

My husband Mike and I have a daughter, Nicole Kelly, who is the current Miss Iowa title holder through the Miss America Scholarship Pageant.  –Pretty incredible, especially since the Miss Iowa Pageant was the second pageant she’d ever entered in her 23 years!  But then, Nicole has always been one to try everything, from softball […]