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It’s Time to Flaunt! By Rebekah Marine

We at Don’t Hide It Flaunt It are SO lucky to have Rebekah Marine (the beautiful Lucky Fin Project Ambassador and Bionic Model) and also Gianna Schiavone (the gorgeous Ambassador and model for Runway of Dreams, the non-profit Foundation that just announced its big partnership with Tommy Hilfiger!) both share their insights from walking together in New York […]

How to Live My Life By Lindsey Gray

Whenever I think of how to live my life as a Little Person at twenty years old, I think of an American proverb that says, “Don’t judge a man until you’ve walked a mile in his shoes.” Especially in today’s society, I find us making assumptions so quickly that it often creates a different picture. […]

I Smile A Lot More By Greg Gadson

Probably the most unexpected thing about me is that by virtue of being an athlete, I had actually felt judged years before I ever looked physically different. That is because when you are an athlete, people are always watching you, and you always have to perform, even on and off the field.  Back then, quite […]

Ode to Paul By Tony Sinanis

Paul was born on a cold December night in 2004 and from the moment he was born, my heart was flooded with emotions that I never experienced before. I immediately understood what people meant when they said they would give their life for someone else. I immediately understood the phrase unconditional love. I immediately understood […]