My Brother is a Miracle! By Caroline Svatek (Age 10)

My brother Landon is twelve years old. I wanted to write about him because he has a special arm that makes him different from everyone else. I think Landon is a miracle. Ever since the day l was born l have looked up to him. He was born with a bunch of blood clots in his right arm. He had a stroke and was supposed to be brain damaged. Landon was in the hospital for 52 days! Since then, my brother has had over 30 surgeries.

My brother’s arm looks different because of his scars. When a stranger sees it for the first time they kind of make a face. It makes me mad because I don’t want him treated badly. Sometimes people just stare. People ask questions but he just says he was born with it. I want to say, “He was born with a difference but he’s no different from you.”

Last year he had a bone lengthening surgery and it did not go well. The hospital made mistakes and my brother was in a lot of pain. He was very sad and had to miss four months of school. Even though I felt lucky that I got to go to school and see my friends, I missed seeing my brother on the field with his own friends. Even though Landon went through months of pain, he’s very proud he made it through everything and is now happier than ever and more grateful.

This year we are all relieved that Landon is better and thriving in school. l can see he is much happier, too. He plays the drums, even though his right hand does not have a very good grip, and does VR (Virtual Reality) at school. Landon can do anything he puts his mind to. He can play basketball, piano, and he can play video games! To me he is a superhero that can do almost anything.

Landon is turning thirteen soon and will be going into seventh grade. l am so proud of my brother and cannot wait to see what goals he will achieve next. Even though Landon has been through so much, he still has a positive attitude. He always makes a sad day a happy day no matter what. He is very good at making friends and has a lot of them. He is very kind and loving to little kids and treats them like little brothers. We love getting on the trampoline together and making jokes. We laugh so hard! 

Landon is truly the best brother ever!


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  1. Adolph Svatekn(GrandPa)April 7, 2019 at 9:39 pm #

    Fantastic Report and great description of your Brother. Very good read, know the story very well!!!

    By the way, Landon has a wonderful little sister

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