Being Tall Makes Me, Me! By Sarah Labiner

I am thirteen but I been really tall my whole life. I never cared about it though; I was me and I was fine with that. Around fifth grade, I realized I was much taller than all the other kids.  All my friends shopped at Justice, Macy’s, and all the places kids go to shop. I, on the other hand, had to shop in teen stores or in kids plus so the clothes would be long enough. I had to shop where my sister shopped! Ewww.   Everywhere I went people would ask me, “How tall are you?”, “How old are you?”  “Do you play basketball?” I have heard that so many times in my life I can’t even count it! At one point in my life, I just wanted to be what they call “normal,” like my friends.

I started theater at five years old. When I started auditioning for more professional shows, I didn’t get into them because I was too tall.  But I’ve learned that being tall is good and can give you advantages.  First of all, as I got older I got interested in sports and now I’m playing volleyball, and doing really well. I can also babysit younger kids since I look older.  So some people might say, after reading this, that being tall is better; but honestly being yourself is the the best thing you can be!

Sarah LphotoNow from my experiences, when I get older I want to open a kids’ clothing store for kids who are unique. The motto will be, “Being original is better than being a copy.” So no one has to go around feeling like they’re not “normal.”

People always ask me, “Don’t you wish you were shorter?” My answer is and will always be “I can’t even imagine being shorter because being tall makes me, me.”

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