Being Positive about My Difference By Daxon Domingo (Age 9)

Hi, my name is Daxon Domingo and I am in 4th grade in NJ. I like to eat mac-n-cheese and pizza. My favorite dessert is ice cream. But what I really like is to study animals and nature because it started when I was little. I found this first book called, My first animals” and since then I have grown a liking for nature. I find all animals interesting.

My difference is that I have mild Autism. Sometimes I will repeat what I say. And also I used to go back and forth in my chair but not now. Another thing I do is to not look at someone when they are talking to me. But on the positive side, I can easily spot errors and I am very honest and have high intellect. It is easy for me to make friends because I am as fun as a barrel of monkeys.

This makes me feel good because if everyone is the same it would be boring.

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