Be Happy About Your Difference By Olivia Cleveland (Age 11)

Hi! I am Olivia! I am eleven years old and have an 8-year-old brother and a 2-year-old sister. In my free time I like to play volleyball, basketball, draw, and play with friends. I am going to write about my sister, Mia! My sister is unique because she had to wear foot braces for a long time. She also had to wear “mermaid” pants. They were tight spandex that were like leggings but short. Some things I like to do with her are watching Peppa Pig, play outside and also color together.  Mia is very funny, cute and happy all the time!

If my sister and I both had her disease, I think we would both keep it. It would be cool to have foot braces on your favorite shoes. Well, Mia doesn’t have to wear them anymore but if she did and I did too, I think we would both flaunt it together.

My sister’s foot braces made her unique and I tell her it is is cool to show off your difference. I makes people EVEN cooler! But sometimes, people can be rude about it. For example, if someone is bullying someone who has a disease like my sister, I would stand up for them because they might not know how to stand up for themselves.

I hope you enjoyed my “flaunt it”story. Be happy about your difference and other people’s differences too.  PS Don’t be a bully!

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