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What About Me?

“It just isn’t fair!” I shouted to my parents.  It was 1982, and we were living in Cairo, Egypt due to my father’s job.  Peter, my older brother by 15 months, had just been invited to go with our school’s “Jazz Rock” band to Athens, Greece to play for a local school there.  Although we […]

Ripple Effects

As we approach the 10 year anniversary of our nation’s worst terrorist attack and recall with so much emotion the tragic events of that day, I balance my grief at the event with the gratitude that so many of my co-workers and my boss escaped from the World Trade Center that day.  Tomorrow I am preparing to […]

Whatever works

I remember watching Woody Allen’s 2009 film, “Whatever Works” and thinking to myself,  “What an interesting phrase.” Written in the context of love and relationships, it never occurred to me at the time that the phrase could also sum up a personal shopping experience. During our annual trip to Nantucket this year, while browsing in […]

Ethan in the city

Ethan and I experienced a few firsts today.  He rode a subway (the “R”) for the first time;  I learned how to organize my iPad apps by topic; and, while being interviewed on video by Rosa Jurjevics at the Scholastic office in Manhattan, we together experienced the 5.8 scale earthquake that impacted the East Coast.  […]

Making a video

Today, Rosa Jurjevics, who works for Scholastic came to our hometown to film Ethan, our older son who (along with his brother Charlie) was born with my genetic condition.  The purpose for the shoot was to capture Ethan playing soccer, basketball and baseball with his close friends, just like any other nine-year old.   Ethan […]

A picture is certainly worth a thousand words

This is me in January 1999 at The House of Botticelli in Bronxville, NY.  I had recently become engaged to my husband John, and it was time for me to go look at wedding gowns with my family.  As I walked downstairs, I looked down to see hundreds of magnificent dresses.  Every girl who hopes […]

Welcome to my blog

I’m Meg Zucker.  By day I’m a seasoned attorney specializing in anti-money laundering and anti-terrorism, but in my parallel universe I’ve begun a campaign to help people embrace their differences.  To that end I’m writing a book, posting this blog, publishing articles and speaking in public forums to teach what I’ve learned.  My vantage is […]