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Meg’s Tale

My husband, John, and I have always read stories to our kids before bed.  Many of them are traditional or updated versions of fairy tales.  Though often cliché’d by today’s standards, the tales were always used to teach a moral or a life lesson.  Given my shared condition with our boys and that Savanna’s “difference” […]

A Helping Hand

When could helping others ever be considered a mistake? Spring 1985 The Church was beautiful, yet, purposefully simple.  I was in high school and had been dating my boyfriend (coincidentally, also named) John for six months, and he had brought me with him to mass.  As row after row of parishioner’s lined up to receive […]

Let Go and Let Live

June 1982 It had been an extremely hot summer day.  Because the windows were open, I could hear the noisy sounds of taxis and cars racing by. I was with my family in my grandmother’s apartment on 54th street and 3rd Avenue in Manhattan.  Although her name was Dorothy, we called my dad’s mother “little […]

To Tell the Truth

Preface Although the show, “To Tell the Truth” (CBS) predates me, I remember seeing it when it ran in syndication in the ‘70’s.  The show featured a panel of celebrities attempting to correctly identify a person, sworn “to tell the truth”, who had an unusual occupation or experience.  The celebrities questioned that person along with […]

In an Instant

“Your life can change in an instant.  That instant can last forever.” Laura Kasischke May 1981 I was crouched next to my two brothers and our parents in the little room under the stairwell in our house in Urbana, Illinois.  The wind was howling loudly but, with no windows, it was impossible to know how […]

Finding Your Swan

“Am I pretty?”  Had I had access to YouTube when I was a young teen, given my insecurities about my physical appearance, I might have been tempted to post my own video asking the same question.  In fact, as concerning as it may sound that pre-teen girls are purposely inviting public comment asking this question, […]

Rockin’ the World, Inside Out

“The most important thing to remember is that you can wear all the greatest clothes and all the greatest shoes, but you’ve got to have a good spirit on the inside. That’s what’s really going to make you look like you’re ready to rock the world.”    — Alicia Keys For those of you who watched […]

Sliding Doors

When I heard the news that Whitney Houston had died in a bathtub on February 11, 2012, I couldn’t help thinking, “What if she had decided not to take that bath but had just gone to bed instead?  Would she still be alive?  Pointless speculation, of course.  Whitney and her soulful, spiritual, and majestic voice […]

Saving All My Love For You

John and I met in October 1997.  By the time Valentine’s Day rolled around in 1998, we had been dating less than six months.  Even though our relationship was still in its infancy, we had a very strong connection and attraction, and I knew that we were already light-years ahead of any prior relationship I […]

Heroes Among Us

“A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.”  Christopher Reeve When I was a child living in Illinois, my older brother, Peter, and I always eagerly awaited Saturday mornings.  We’d be up at 6am, while it was still dark outside, and race in our […]

Life Isn’t Fair

Just to set the record straight, I haven’t always embodied my mantra, “Don’t Hide It, Flaunt It.”  Rather, it took me years to get here.  Although I was generally a happy kid, I always aimed to blend in so that my two fingers and two toes never defined me.  It would have worked better if […]

All in the Family

Preface For those of you familiar with the 1970’s sitcom, “All in the Family,” you can’t  forget watching the bigoted Archie Bunker repeatedly mock his son-in law, Mike Stivik, (aka “Meathead”) for everything from his Polish  ethnicity to his long-haired hippie appearance. Archie was relentless.  The day I can’t forget, though, is when I was […]

There’s No Business Like Show Business

Now that I’ve confessed my fashion obsession on national TV, it won’t surprise you to learn I watched the Golden Globes this past weekend as much for the red carpet couture as for the winners and losers.  And I was looking forward to an untamed Ricky Gervais.  While not everyone is a fan or is […]


Preface What does it take to prepare oneself to speak in front of millions of people?  I realize many people never face such a prospect and most decline to speak before even a small audience.  I learned recently that the notion of such a presentation must be extremely intimidating to many because the most common […]

I Did “It”

Okay, I know that anyone reading this post is probably already aware of my spot on Today (NBC) this past week.  While, yes, the title of this blog, “I did it” does reflect my relief and satisfaction at the experience, in fact, I reached a different kind of milestone that day. What you don’t know […]