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In Her Shoes

Preface September 1976 “C’mon Meg, you can try this pair on!” I was in 2nd grade and my family and I had just moved to Islamabad, Pakistan. For the first two weeks, we lived with another American family from Arizona until our own accommodations were ready. To my delight, they had two daughters, a girl […]

Lemons into Lemonade By Mat Zucker (Arts ’92)

When someone meets me for the first time, they probably presume my life is picture perfect.  But they are mistaken.  Something invisible is wrong with me. Almonds. Apples. Avocados. Bananas. Berries. Carrots. Cashews. Coconut. Grapes. Hazelnuts. Kiwi. Lemon. Lime. Mango. Mustard. Nutmeg. Olives. Peaches. Pears. Peanuts. Prunes. Black Pepper. Green Peppers. Red Peppers. Pineapple. Plums. […]

We Are All Different

Preface   September 1977 “I’ll do it. I’ll take Snowball home.” It was the first day of school, and my teacher, Mrs. Applebee at Yankee Ridge elementary in Urbana, IL had just surprised us with our class pet, a fluffy white bunny.  She informed us that each weekend throughout the school year a student would […]