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My Own Jeckyll and Hyde

Preface February 1976 “We’re gonna Zoom-Zoom-Zooma-Zoom…C’mon and Zooma-Zooma-Zooma-Zoom!” I stared at the kids jumping up and down singing with their arms swaying, wearing red and blue striped shirts. Although I was only seven, we had just returned from living in Israel, Afghanistan and Iran. Within a year I would learn of our forthcoming adventure in Islamabad, […]

My Differences By Andrew Ramos

Hi. My name is Andrew Ramos. I am nine years old and in 4th grade. I have Latin roots and speak two languages–English and Spanish. Those are just a couple of my differences. Another difference is that I am the shortest in my class.  Being the shortest can be a hard thing but there are also […]

My Special Heart By Gianna Robertson

Hello my name is Gianna Robertson.  I am currently 9-years-old.  I am in the 4th grade at John F. Kennedy School in New Jersey. I feel what makes me unique are so many different things. But one thing in particular is I have a very special heart. I have congenital heart disease called Tetralogy of […]

Empowerment Through Fashion: A Bold Vision for Change By Kendra Gottsleben

In some circles, I think being fashionable and stylish means more than just wearing the hottest trend or one-of-a-kind outfit that only celebrities have access to and can afford. Personally, I don’t believe these kinds of status symbols truly represent the definition of fashion. To me, the true meaning of fashion goes down to a […]

We Got This

Preface   January 1978 “I don’t think you should try that.  You don’t have ten fingers!” I was nine, standing next to my older brother Peter at Orchard Downs.  Peter was older by fifteen months. Nearby, at the bottom of the hill stood our parents, with our younger brother Teddy between them.  They waved for […]