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My Superpower By Milo Park

I have a special power. It all happened when I was about nine, or maybe ten. Well, I’m ten now. When I first found out, I was extremely scared and worried, but now I know that it makes me different from other people. I’m not an actual superhero, but you might say I have superpowers. […]

Best of the Flaunters 2018

We all start out so unabashedly unashamed.  Whatever makes us unique, different, special we regard without concern; we flaunt without a care. Then, we (or our child) change.  Someone.  Somehow. Sometime.  Something.  We find ourselves thrust into the world of judgment, or painfully watch as our children face the same. Does it happen to us […]

Thinking About Noah By Mark Mahaney

My first son, Noah, was born on March 12, 2000 with Down Syndrome. The tests administered during pregnancy for Down Syndrome and other conditions somehow didn’t indicate Downs – so, yes, Noah’s condition was certainly a surprise. Frankly, for the first 24 hours Noah’s condition was a dramatically negative surprise to me and to my […]