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Thoughts Inspired by the Copacabana

Redeem: To free from what distresses or harms or atoning from a mistake. The act of making something better. —Merriam-Webster.   Preface April 2013 “What do you mean you won’t go to the pool with me, Larry? Weren’t you on the swim team in high school?” Despite the fact that the question was directed to […]

Exposed By Shayna Roble

                Just as women are put under a lot of pressure to act feminine, men are put under even more pressure to act masculine. Usually, if a man/woman doesn’t conform to the stereotypical behaviors and image of a “manly man” or “girly girl” then they are ostracized or […]

My Own Jeckyll and Hyde

Preface February 1976 “We’re gonna Zoom-Zoom-Zooma-Zoom…C’mon and Zooma-Zooma-Zooma-Zoom!” I stared at the kids jumping up and down singing with their arms swaying, wearing red and blue striped shirts. Although I was only seven, we had just returned from living in Israel, Afghanistan and Iran. Within a year I would learn of our forthcoming adventure in Islamabad, […]

My Differences By Andrew Ramos

Hi. My name is Andrew Ramos. I am nine years old and in 4th grade. I have Latin roots and speak two languages–English and Spanish. Those are just a couple of my differences. Another difference is that I am the shortest in my class.  Being the shortest can be a hard thing but there are also […]