Attention Deficit Disorder, By Sydney Cornell, 5th Grade

ADD.  When you have this condition you have trouble focusing on school work or anything in your life.  I have this condition.  My biggest struggle is math.  I really did not have trouble until fourth grade when I could not stop playing with stuff when the teacher was talking.  I kept looking out the window and doing everything else.  My mom took me to the doctor who told me I had ADD.  Then my mom and I looked up how many famous people had ADD and a lot of really smart people have it: Michael Phelps, Thomas Edison, Benjamin Franklin and much more!!!!  I realize that a lot of smart people have what I have!

There have been a number of times when I have felt uncomfortable in school.  For example, one time this year my class was taking the fifth grade math test and I was the last one finished.  I felt like all eyes were on me.  Also, when I was taking the State National Test for 5th graders, I had to go out of the classroom to a special room.  People kept asking me where I was going.  I did not know what to say because maybe they would think I was stupid.  Man, that was tough!

At first I felt different and that I did not belong but now I feel more aware of this difference.  Over time I grew to accept my difference.  It helps me today because even though it may be hard and I have to work twice as hard as everyone else, it makes me the person I am today.  I am the person who loves ice hockey, soccer, singing etc… I have done some amazing things that even a person who does not have ADD could do!!

If I were to give someone advice that has the same difference as mine, I would suggest one thing.  I would say just because you may struggle in an area does not mean you are not smart.  You just need to work on it.  Last but not least, never give up no matter how hard it gets and be proud of who YOU are!  This is my difference.

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