All About Me By Jack D. Age 9

JackDHi my name is Jack and I’m 9 years old.  Sometimes I don’t exactly listen.  I have trouble focusing on what I am supposed to.  Sometimes it feels like I can hear everything that’s going on at the same time. When the teacher calls on me, sometimes she has to repeat what she says a lot of times before I get it.  But that doesn’t change how I think or who I am or how I feel.

I’m an expert at the drums, I’m good at drawing sketch comics, like UFOs abducting teenagers and stuff like that.  I have really long hair, well not exactly that long, but the longest of the boys in my class.  Also, I’m pretty nice to everyone, except maybe sometimes my little sister, we all know how they can be. I like funny stuff like Larry, Curly and Moe, I like how they bump heads and slip on banana peels.

It’s funny when that happens in movies, but not in real life.  If that happens in real life I want to try to cheer people up and make them laugh. I always want people to have a nice day, I never want people to feel bad.  It’s hard for me to see other people cry.

It always makes me feel better when my parents make me laugh.  My mom is super funny, she’s a terrible singer but she sings funny songs and it’s hilarious.  She also tells me she loves me and is proud of me a lot. Like a million times a day.

I’m also an expert at designing things in Minecraft, I’ve done a huge statue of Nyan Cat wearing a headset and playing a scary maze game with a bag of chips and a spilled can of diet coke. I’m really good at impersonating actors- like Jim Carrey, Arnold Swarznegger-who can spell that!!, characters from cartoons, and I’m good at all different kinds of accents.  When I grow up I want to be a movie director. I’m smart, artistic, athletic, a good drummer–these are all the things I’m good at but what I’m really good at, is being me!



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  1. T. VegaDecember 21, 2013 at 9:46 pm #

    Well done! You have so many amazing talents. Continue to follow your dreams and your heart. Thanks for sharing.

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