Think Before You Judge

zucker family may 2013I am a wife, mother to three children, lawyer, and woman who happened to be born with ectrodactyly, a genetic condition where I only have one finger on each hand and one toe on each foot. Despite my quite different appearance, I feel and experience life as able-bodied as everyone else.

Having children with differences has enhanced my life even further. Both of my boys have ectrodactyly, and my husband and I adopted our daughter. Although it didn’t happen automatically, I am now strong, secure, and successful. Yet to get here, I have faced a lifetime of awkward and ignorant comments, stares, and assumptions from others about me and my children.

Some, like me, must wear their differences on their sleeves, while others can try to bury them. But we can’t escape them or control how others view us.

From my own life experience, and through parenting with my husband children who share my condition, I can offer the skills to understand how and why we are all judged (and judge each other), and more importantly, how best we can strengthen ourselves to overcome the insecurities and harm produced from these judgments.