Don’t Hide It, Flaunt It (DHIFI, Inc.) was created by Founder and President Meg Zucker, inspired by her life story.

Meg was born with “ectrodactyly,” leaving her with shortened forearms, one finger on each hand, and one toe on each foot. Having passed her condition to her two sons – and as the parent of a daughter whose invisible differences include severe food allergies as well as being adopted – Meg has used her personal experience to serve as an ally for parents of children with differences of all kinds. Learn more about Meg’s story here.

In 2009, Meg began sharing her story in print and on television with wide audiences after her son Ethan was cruelly bullied on the playground by other students because of his physical differences. Afterwards, Ethan’s principal encouraged Meg to present to the school leadership about providing guidance for kids that were different. Meg embraced that opportunity but also realized a need to address the needs of all students, including those willing to tease and taunt – with the goal of building empathy and positive peer relationships. This grew into a school-based “Kids Flaunt” program in which students wrote essays inspired by the theme Meg developed: “The things that make me different make me, me.” Originally piloted in two states, Kids Flaunt now reaches hundreds of thousands of students nationwide as part of an annual contest in collaboration with Scholastic Inc.

In 2015 DHIFI became a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and Kids Flaunt continues to be our lead education initiative. DHIFI also offers customized live school programs and assemblies, as well as community outreach events and corporate diversity advisory services, events and training.

At the same time, donthideitflauntit.com and our related media projects invite guest “Flaunters” from all over the world to share their stories with newfound pride.

To learn more about DHIFI and our programs, or read our published Guest, Teen and Kids Flaunts, please explore our website – including articles and videos that show more of our story. If you are interested in writing a Flaunt for us, contact us to submit a Flaunt or learn more – we want to hear from you!