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This is Me! By Nicole Kelly

My name is Nicole Kelly and I was born with only half of my left arm. I was Miss Iowa in 2013 and competed at the 2014 National Miss America Pageant in Atlantic City. This experience gave me an understanding of the importance of working towards inclusive change in our world. I have gone on […]

No Limits By Pam Kelly

My husband Mike and I have a daughter, Nicole Kelly, who is the current Miss Iowa title holder through the Miss America Scholarship Pageant.  –Pretty incredible, especially since the Miss Iowa Pageant was the second pageant she’d ever entered in her 23 years!  But then, Nicole has always been one to try everything, from softball […]

Give Us an Inch, We’ll Lose a Mile

Preface   September 1986 “Do you want to take it untimed?”  I was taken aback at the question, not knowing exactly what it meant and its implications.  I looked up with what must have been a confused stare, so my Urbana High School guidance counselor continued.  “Your ACT—you did okay the first time, but given […]


“Difficulties break some men but make others.”  Nelson Mandela   We all start out so unabashedly unashamed.  Whatever makes us unique, different, special we regard without concern; we flaunt without a care. Then, we (our or child, family member) change.  Someone.  Somehow. Sometime.  Something.  And we find ourselves thrust into the world of judgment, or […]

Because We All Are Imperfect

Preface   January 2012 “Hi Meg. I am Patti, President of the Helping Hands Foundation.  We are a non-profit support group connecting families of children with upper limb differences.  We really enjoyed your segment on the Today show yesterday and would just be thrilled if you could come speak to our HHF members at an […]

Just The Way You Are

Preface November 1978 “Who will buy, this wonderful morning…?” It was my friend Johnny singing a solo in our version of the musical, Oliver called, “It’s a Fine School.”  I was in the fourth grade at Yankee Ridge Elementary School.  My family and I had returned from Islamabad the prior year and we were back […]

There She Is

Preface September 1984 “Hurry-up grandma!  It’s on!  It’s on!”   Although she lived in New York since I could remember, my maternal grandmother, Ruth, and I would get together to watch the Miss America pageant over the phone or in person.  For this particular pageant being held in Atlantic City, New Jersey, Ruth had been visiting […]