I Enjoy Taking Care of My Brother By Austin Hagadorn (Age 9)

Hi. My name is Austin and I am in the fourth grade. I am the youngest in my family. I have two brothers and one sister. My oldest brother is autistic and diabetic. He needs help taking care of himself and managing his diabetes. I enjoy taking care of him during the day and getting him ready for bed.

When I was younger, I was curious about my brother’s diabetes. My parents taught me how to check his blood sugar and give him insulin shots. During the day I gave him shots when he eats, or if his blood sugar is too high.   At his bedtime, I give him 25 units of long lasting insulin and make sure his blood sugar is in a safe range. If it’s not, I give him food or quick acting insulin depending on his blood sugar level.

Some people may be scared to give a person a shot or prick someone’s skin to get a blood
sample, but I do it because my brother needs help. Sometimes he is tired and irritated but I know how to work with him. I think its unique that my curiosity about my brother’s diabetes helped me discover my passion for helping other people. I really enjoy helping my brother and I’m glad I’ve learned how to manage his diabetes.




DHIFI Inc. congratulates Kids Flaunt Special Recognition winner Austin Hagadorn for sharing what makes him, him!



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