My Differences By Kamie New (Age 10)

Hi! My name is Kamie New. I am 10-years-old and in the 4th grade. One of my differences is that I have very curly hair. I also love school! Most people don’t, so that is one way I am a little different.

Because I really enjoy school, I study quite often with my parents. I’ve also competed in an academic competition called PSIA. Since 1st grade I’ve gone to State and competed. Some people in my class call me a nerd. When this happens I try to shake it off and move on. I also try to consider it as a compliment.

Another difference of mine is that I am not super-girly. Although I have curly hair, I don’t really like to style it with fancy bows and accessories. Maybe one reason I am not super girly-girly is because I am always surrounded by boys (besides my mom!) I only have brothers so I am not really obligated to lil girly stuff. Most young girls my age are pretty girly, but I am kind of in-between being a tomboy and being girly.

When it comes to activities, I’ve always loved sports like softball or swim team. When I was about three or four years old I took dance class but I never felt like that was what I wanted to do. I either want to be working in the medical field or playing professional sports.  I would love to play a sport as my career because I would be able to show other girls that sports aren’t just a guys thing.

In conclusion, I hope my essay inspires other kids to flaunt their differences and not be ashamed of them. Also, no matter how different we are we are all unique in our own special way.
DHIFI Inc. congratulates Kids Flaunt finalist Kamie New for sharing what makes her, her!

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